3D Modeling/Animation

The uses for 3D modeling and rendering are numerous. From product renderings and animations, to compelling video footage, 3D can communicate concepts quickly and accurately. We would love to share with you the many uses for Stratos Digital 3D modeling services and provide examples of how they can benefit your business! 

Sample Modeling and Animation video

How are 3D models created?

  • From Scratch - We work from drawings and sketches to understand the product or component design. We listen to our Clients tell us their vision of the final renderings and provide suggestions and solutions for creating the highest quality renderings.
  • Imported from your AutoCAD files - There are a number of file formats that can be used by your in-house AutoCAD designers which can provide Stratos with the initial geometry mesh (a wireframe mathematically accurate shape) of your product. This saves large amounts of time and money and the models then only needs to be refined and textured.

How much does 3D modeling and rendering cost?

  • Each project is unique. The cost depends upon factors such as: Do we need to build your model from scratch or can you provide the initial mesh in 3D file format?
  • Do you want to animate your model to show processes and functions?
  • Would you like us to build web-based video footage with your company branding for web playback?
  • Would you like for us to provide professional voice talent for narration and/or corporate background music audio?

Have you considered 360 degree views for your products?

  • 360 degree online viewing is a popular method for allowing your visitors to see your products from multiple viewing angles.

Whatever your need for 3D Modeling and Animation, we are here to help. Feel free to give us a call to teleconference and we will provide tips and solutions based upon your project need!