Applied Visualization Symposium: Multimedia Presentation and 3D Visualization

Applied Visualization Symposium

Applied Visualization is the use of computer-based technologies that make large amounts of information more understandable by combining the results of data analysis, computing models, interactive technologies, display technologies, and narrative development. The results provide people from all sectors (including community planners, scientists, media professionals, engineers, educators, artists, designers, and business people) the ability to communicate complex ideas in ways that are easily understandable to a wide variety of audiences.

Stratos was pleased to create a number of the Symposium multimedia presentations as well as the AppliedVis Symposium website.

AppliedVis Symposium Presentations

  • Opening CG film as AppliedVis Symposium introduction
  • Cassini/Huygens deployment 3D animation
  • Mechanical Visualization animation
  • Tornado vortex animation

AppliedVis Website Development

  • Custom interface design
  • Cirrus™ Content Management System (CMS) by Stratos
  • Custom animated banners


Maxon Cinema 4D Adobe Effects Adobe Photoshop Adobe ColdFusion Microsoft SQL Server Adobe Flash Cirrus CMS by Stratos